Michael DeCerbo

Multimedia Designer

I am a multimedia designer, born and raised in Northern New Jersey, who then relocated to Houston, Texas to be closer to my family.  During my time here, I have had the opportunity to use my design skills and make a career for myself, while also helping other up-and-coming individuals and businesses get a foothold within their market to increase notoriety and build a strong media presence.


When I am not designing, creating or crafting, I enjoy sports and physical activities.  Working closely with local gyms helped me to create a position where I can conduct sport-specific clinics and workshops for gym members free of charge.  It is a nice change of pace from being behind a computer or camera most of my days.


I am a self-taught photographer and videographer, but am still continuing to advance my learning through the study and observations of other photographers throughout the nation.  Photo and video projects have taken me all over Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida and back home to the east coast in New York City.  I have met many incredible people through my passions and I hope to continue to meet and create with many more.  Please enjoy my work and maybe we can collaborate in the future.  I welcome all creative endeavors that will challenge me and fuel my drive to create exceptional products.